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Best Way to Display Your VMUs

Posted: 509 days ago

I've never known how to properly display all my VMUs. They're too cool-looking to keep shoved in a closet, but I didn't have the space to individually prop each one up on the shelves. DreamcastLives's VMU Holder was the perfect compromise. Keeps everything organized and compact while still allowing things to be displayed. Super helpful staff and very fast production and shipping as well. Would definitely recommend ^_^

One thing to note is that if you store your VMUs with their caps on than the curve of the cap will cause them to wobble a bit if shook (since they are stored upside down in the holder). If you store your VMUs without caps or just have them on a shelf that is not on an incline, this is a non-issue. Either way, this is a perfect balance between aesthetic and function :)

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