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The Dreamcast Lives!

Posted: 687 days ago

As a huge retro nerd and collector as well as someone who mods systems, I started my next phase of game collecting which was the Sega Dreamcast. While collecting and perusing YouTube videos I saw some Dreamcast live videos, videos of PSO (Phantasy Star Online), Quake and even PBA bowling. People were playing Sega Dreamcast online, this blew my mind! I went on this sight, chose the more expensive package (even though I feel it’s very affordable) and e-mailed then several questions. Extremely nice, very friendly! Not only did my Dream Pi arrive fast, it was very simple to set up. I was already online within 30 min. I also contacted Dreamcast Live about getting a patch cd for PSO since I’m an older guy and I don’t mess with computers. They quickly sent out the patch disc and a bonus PBA disc and an unreleased internet games pack. I can not say enough of how great this device is, the people at Dreamcast Live and the community they help stay active in 2019! Can’t wait to keep playing online and meet new gamers. Thank you again for everything!

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